Technical Bulletins

Bendix Service Bulletin No. 109, Dated 10-22-74 Inspection, Flexible Coupling Locknut

Conversion from Pressure Switch Activated to EPO Activated Auto-re-ignition Sys.

Corrosion Prevention and Inspection – Main Rotor Blade PN 369A1100-501

Cyclic Grip Modification

Cyclic Trim Actuator Housing Replacement or Modification

Door Latch Synchronization Check – Pilot’s and Cargo Doors, Autolatching Mechanisms

Drain Kit Installation PN 369D28300-501 Engine Oil TanK and Oil Cooler

Emergency Release Mechanism Modification (M50041) -Cargo Hook Kit Installation (369H90065)

Engine Anti-Icing and Cabin Heating System Installations – Conversion from Electrical to Manual Operation