Service Letters

New Protective Boots for Main Rotor Hub and Tail Rotor Assemblies

New Seal Requirement for Overhaul of PN 369H6340 and 369H92131 Landing Gear Damper Assemblies

New Standard Warranty Statement

Observation of Main Rotor Hub Hoisting Eye Bolts

Operation and Maintenance Guidelines for Model 250 Series Engine Fuel System

Ordering Information – Pilots Door Assembly PN 369A2002 or 369H2025 Passenger Door Assembly

Paint Schedules and Ordering Procedures

Particle Separator Installation and Inspection and Possible Removal of Circular Filter Screens

Periodic Inspection of Particle Separator Kit Installation Removal of Outlet Screen During Cold Weather

PN 369A1620 Series Tail Rotor Assembly – Elimination of Overhaul Schedule (TBO) Requirement – Interchangeability of 369A1725 Series Tail Rotor Hub Assembly

PN 369A7609 Series Main Rotor Swashplate Assembly – Time Between Overhaul (TBO) Increased to 2650 Hours

Policy Price of 369H8108 Fuel Vent Line Shutoff Valve

Power Turbine (N2) Rub or Lockup in 250-C20 Engine

Prevention of Water Leakage Through Canopy Geon Strips


Recharging of Inflation Bottles for Emergency Floats

Recommend Replacement Interval for 369H5655-3 & -5 Oil Cooler Bearing and 369H5648 Oil Cooler Belt

Reduction Gearbox Model 250-C20 Engine – Time Between Overhaul (TBO) Requirement Eliminated

Re-lubrication of Bearings in Storage

Replacement of Boom Fairing Assemble on First Production Helicopte SN 0001 thru 0100