Service Bulletins

One-Time Installation of 369D24054-3 Warning Decals in the Engine Compartment

One-Time Reinstallation of 369A1602 Tail Rotor Fork Bolt

One-Time Replacement of Polycarbonate Cover Assemblies (369A9817)

One-Time Replacement to Tail Rotor Blade Pitch Arm Bolt Attaching Nuts

One-Time Rework of Main Transmission Oil Cooling Fan Mounting Bracket

One-Time Torque Check and Inspection of Main Rotor Blades

Overrunning Clutch Assembly PN 369A5350-601 – Inspection of PN 3695350-11 Clutch Assembly

Periodic Inspection – Battery Over-Temperature Warning System

Periodic Inspection – Main Transmission Ring Gear Bolts PN 369A5174 or 369A5145

PN 369A1800 Series and PN 369H1800 Tail Rotor Pitch Control Assembly – Seating of Bearing Inner Race; Torque Increase for PN 369A1817 Locknut

Polarity Check of Diode Assemblies

Potting of N2 Governor Control PN 369A4580 – Pilots and Co-pilots Collective Pitch Stick Assemblies

Pre-flight Check and One-Time Inspection of tail Rotor Blades

Re-greasing Double Row Bearing – Main Rotor Swashplate Bearing Assembly PN 369A7003-3

Relocation – Outside Air Temperature (OAT) Indicator PN 369H4515 (Modification Kit PN M30301)

Removal of Filter Gasket – Engine Air Inlet (Particle Separator) Filter Kit Installation PN 369H90148 and 369H90148-501

Replacement Metal Tail Rotor Blade PN 369A1613-3 – Compatibility Criteria (FAA AD 74-07-02)

Replacement of 369A8442-Basic Latch Assembly on the Particle Separator Door

Replacement of Float Inflation System Solenoid Valves With Squib Valves PN 369H90121 Series Emergency Float Assemblies

Replacement of Intercom (ICS) Switch and Jack Assembly